CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

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CAP 30 So Far


CAP 30b Main Design

CAP 30i Main Design

This thread is for the name of the species only. The name will be applied to both of CAP30's formes, and thus should be designed in such a way that it can suit both formes.

If you are inspired by the winning art design and have come up with a good and unique name you'd like the CAP to be known by, please submit your idea here and we will put it up for a vote against all other users' ideas. Final submissions must conform to the submission rules, so please read them carefully. Breaking the posting rules can also result in disqualification.


Legal name submissions must meet the following standards
  • Names must start with a capital letter.
  • Names cannot be longer than 12 letters.
  • Names can only contain the following characters:
    • Letters A-Z
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Dash (-)
    • Apostrophe (')
    • Period (.)
    • Colon (:)
    • Space
  • No more than two capital letters can be included in the name, and capital letters cannot be consecutive.
  • A maximum of two non-letters can be included in the name, and a maximum of one non-letter of each type can be included (ie. You can't have two numbers, or two apostrophes, but you could have one number and one apostrophe)

Names will not be slated if they are:
  • completely unrelated to the design
  • the name of an existing Pokemon
  • silly (puns are fine)
  • based primarily on memes
  • meant to inflame, intimidate, or cause controversy

Work In Progress (WIP) Names can be posted at any time for comments from the community.

No more than three WIP Names can be posted by any individual person through the entire course of the submission thread. This limit applies to ALL posts made by a single person, even if previous posts are edited or deleted. This limit is intended to curb the tendency for some submitters to spam the thread repeatedly with lists of Names. This detracts from other submissions and makes it difficult for commenters to survey the submission thread.

Do not bump your WIP names by posting them repeatedly, or making minor spelling changes of a letter or two. Bumping will result in the disqualification of all names by the offender. Editing or deleting bump posts will not prevent disqualification.

Final Submissions
Only ONE Final Submission can be made per person. Any Final Submission that does not follow the proper format will be disqualified.

Name Final Submissions can only be posted after a CAP Moderator posts in the thread announcing that final submissions are open. Any Final Submission posted prior to the Moderator announcement post will disqualify the submitter from the poll entirely. Even if the offending post is edited later or deleted, the submitter will still be disqualified for the remainder of the thread. This ensures that there is some time for discussion and that all submitters have equal opportunity to post Final Submissions without anyone unfairly "jumping the gun".

Please make a new post after the CAP moderator announcement for Final Submissions. Do not edit a previous post prior to the announcement to make it a Final Submission. All posts prior to the announcement post will be ignored for purposes of making the Name Poll.

Final submissions must provide one sentence (25 words maximum) explaining the etymology of the name.

Final submissions must provide a common English pronunciation. The common pronunciation can be made in whatever format you feel best conveys the pronunciation to most English speakers. (You may optionally also provide an IPA pronunciation. For information about IPA and processing words into IPA read this guide: IPA For English. There are also numerous phonetic translation tools online that can help.)

Name Final Submissions must be posted exactly in the following format and in the following exact order:
  • The first line of the post must have the words "Final Submission" in bold on its own line. No other text may be included before the bold heading.
  • A blank line
  • The Name submission in bold.
  • A blank line
  • A one line description of the etymology of the name or why it is appropriate for our Pokemon. (25 words maximum)
  • A blank line
  • "Pronounced: <common English pronunciation>"
  • "IPA: <IPA pronunciation>" (optional)
Below the Final Submission you can post other comments, explanations, etc.

Example final submission:
Final Submission


A combination of "Icicle" + "Ant".

Pronounced: "SICKLE-ant"
IPA: sɪkəlænt

This name was originally submitted by Lawman on the very first CAP project. It is simple, elegant, and easy to pronounce (even if you are pronouncing it wrong), which is why it was chosen as the official name for CAP1!
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WIP (1/3)


"Ink" + "Plot." A pun on "Ink Pot" and "Ink Blot."

Pronounced: "eenk-ploh-tuh"

I was thinking of a pun to do with Ink Pots that also brought to mind books, and decided that incorporating the 'Plot' of a book would make the most sense, especially since it sounds like Ink Blot.

WIP (2/3)


"Ink" + "Grimoire." Sounds like inquire.

Pronounced: "eenk-wah-ruh"

This was another take on Ink and books that I think doesn't work as well as the first, mainly because it looks so ugly. I think it pronounces okay, but it's visually odd to say the least. Might need more time on working out how to show it off.

WIP (3/3)


"Ink" + "Quill" + "Ink Well."

Pronounced: "eenk-wihll"

I liked how this turned out, focusing purely on the actual quill and nib itself. It ends up looking quite like the word Ink Well to which is quite pleasant. Reminiscent of Qwilfish too which I like.
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Name WIP


"Toxin" + "Tome"

Pronounced: tox-ih-toe-m
IPA: täksitōm

I get this magical, old book kinda sense from CAP30, and while I really wanted to somehow incorporate the word "Grimoire" in the name, it just doesn't work that cleanly. Tomes are big ol' scholarly books, and I think the word still fits super well.
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1.) Necronib
“Necronomicon” + “Nib”
Playing on the Necronomicon, the book of evil in Lovecraftian lore, with the demented nature that it takes in its second form. Nib relates to the fountain pen head in the design, since nibs are the tips of pens!
Pronounced: neh-kroh-nibb
IPA: nɛ’krəʊ’nɪb

2.) Papyraze
“Papyrus” + “Raze” + “Gaze”
Papyrus is historically the first recorded instance of paper-like material, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. Raze is a synonym for annihilate, and gaze comes from its eye hidden in the ink bottle + Tinted Lens.
Pronounced: puh-pie-rayz
IPA: pə’paɪəreɪz

Item Name Submission

WIP: Twisted Ink
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WIP (1/3)


Mixture of the word blight, commonly associated with poison and to ruin or destroy, and tome, a type of book usually associated with mystical properties.

Pronounced BLAI-tohm

Item Name WIP

Dire Ink


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"Codex + Ink"

Pronounced: "koh-dingks"
IPA: ˈkoʊ dɪŋks

Along the lines of more book related names, comes the relatively obscure "codex", and I don't see this mon being relatively evil or yucky looking, so using "ink" in the name fits the mon a bit better for me.
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Banned deucer.


A combination of "Mysterious" and "Ooze".

Pronounced: muh-stee-ree-ooze

This name in part references the arcane and unknown vibe of this mon, as it most certainly contains toxins and poisons not yet discovered by man. It also represents the mon's "wings" which appear to be slimy and gooey in nature.

Item Name WIP

Forbidden Sludge
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WIP (1/3)


"Ink" + "Incantation"

Pronounced: "eenk-ahn-tay-shun"

An incantation is a series of words that are either spoken or read out loud as a magic spell. Seeing that the mon is a living book, this would fit its concept.

WIP (2/3)


"Page-turner" + "Spurn"

Pronounced: "payj-spur-nr"

I just wanted a pun using "page-turner," a compound word that refers to an engrossing book.

WIP (3/3)


"Spellbound" + "Binder"

Pronounced: "spel-bein-dr"

This one's a bit of a stretch, seeing as a binder is not the same thing as a book, but this name also goes off of the enchanted book flavor of the mon.

Item Name WIP (1/3)

Vile Vial

I know this is the name of a DQ monster, but hear me out. I like to think that the item is a bottle of cursed ink and that's why it triggers a forme change, so what else would you call a bottle of weird magic ink?
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WIP (1/3)


Noxious + Lexicon. Easy to understand and rolls off the tongue.

Pronounced: "nocks-ick-on"

WIP (2/3)


Calligraphy + Incant.

Pronounced: "cAl-e-cant"
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"Thaumaturge" and "Tome"
Pronounced; "Thaw-Mah-Tome"

Thaumaturgy is another name for magic, and tome is a book. It's an animated magical book that can shapechange and hit through Resistances and gets stronger the more it gets damaged.

Item Name Submission


Ink+Quintessence - Quintessence is considered to be something in its purest form - inscribing something into the pages of CAP30 with Inkessence will unlock its potential to shapechange.
Main Submission

Bookurce (Book + Curse)

Pronounced book-URS
Item Name Submission

Enigmatic Ink


Pronounced: lex-ick-or
Simple portmanteau of “lexicon” and “ichor” - the black blood of the Greek gods, said to be fatally toxic to any human that touches it.



Pronounced: no-VEE-tro
Fusion of “novel” and “vitro” - an old word for glass, and the etymological root of “vitriol”, thanks to a certain glassy mineral that produces sulfuric acid when heated.



Pronounced: nov-ile
“Novel” + “vile”. Not particularly clever, but it goes hard.
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(INk = INvOKe + BOOK + AGE)

Ink, because, like, its a ink book lol, the entire name sounds like invoke, one of the things that mages and all of those peoples used books or tomes to invoke something in games and all of those stories, book because, and age, because stories dont age =), you can still read a book of the grimm brothers with no problems and like it =) (thats how are they called in english right???)

Pronounced : In-vook-ayj (thx for bloopy gloopy in discord for saying to me how age is pronounced)
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WIP (1/3)


enchant/enchanting + tome

Pronouced: in-CHAN-tome

Item Name WIP (1/3)

Baneful Ink

Baneful means harmful and destructive, but my main reason for choosing baneful specifically is that the word bane has a second, albeit archaic, meaning of "something, typically poison, that causes death."
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WIP (1/3)


novel(since it is part book)+vile(meaning unpleasant)

It also may sound like Vial, for its Tinted Lens Form
Pronunciation: pronounce it like no vial

WIP (2/3)


Pronunciation: Skree-bain

WIP (3/3)


Pronunciation: Chap-ter-or

Item Name Submission WIP

Vial O' Venom

This is my first post on CAP, although I have been watching the project for a long time. If I did something wrong, please correct me.
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